Summer Incentives

District 21 Club Growth Incentives Summer 2016


Introducing District Loonies – A fun way to collect “loonies” for your club and trade them in for anything your club needs from the Toastmasters International Online Store. Gift Certificates easily get misplaced or forgotten to be used. This year we are tracking the accrual for you, so you can buy something your club needs.


Run open houses, membership competitions or get advertising in the local paper. Increase your club membership base by September 30 by at least 20% to qualify for for 50 District 21 Loonies. These new members must stay on for dues renewals. Bonus: Gain 5 members in August and September for Toastmasters International Smedley Award which gets you a shiny ribbon and discount from Toastmasters International store.


Do you know any community without a club or a need for meetings a different day of the week? Perhaps a large organization who could use a corporate club? Any club that charters by September 30th will get a lectern and banner from the District.  Will also be offering tokens of appreciation to anyone that provides a lead to a successful club launch.

New Club Specialist: Ray Hill, DTM

Club Coach, Sponsor or Mentor


Any member serving another club as Coach, Sponsor or Mentor will be recognized at the fall and spring conference. Will come bearing gifts!

Club Coach Specialist: Joe Guenette, DTM

New Member Sponsor 


Don’t forget – Toastmasters International recognizes members who sponsor new members. All you need to do is fill out the “sponsor” section on the membership application when you introduce a new member to your club.