The Adventure Begins! ~ Helping your team “Launch Well”

Huge Kudos to all clubs who achieved Distinguished or higher as of June 30th! For those who were short just a few members or that one education credit, a new year has just begun. It’s YOUR year. What kind of Toastmasters’ year would you like to have?
Our new District team has been collaborating and conspiring to make this your best Toastmasters’ Adventure yet! Here are the first items on the Treasure Map, with more adventures to be revealed each month.

  1. Club Officer Training (now known as District 21’s ACT Events) are 2/3 of the way finished. Are all 7 of your Club Officers Trained and feeling confident about the year ahead? To encourage you (and to add a little peer pressure) we’re awarding a LIMITED EDITION, shiny, purple ribbon to all clubs that have all 7 officer trained at BOTH the Summer and Winter training events. It’s the D21 7 out of 7 (x2) Club Officers Trained 2017-2018 ribbon, and it comes with two rounds of Club Kudos! Yes, we want to celebrate your brilliance across the District, for getting all your team equipped for the journey ahead. See our events calendar or talk to your Area or Division Director, or Program Quality Director Shawn Gold to find out about more training opportunities before the August 31st deadline.
  2. Club Outreach Program (COP) Award – July 1st – March 31st – Your club is already entered! We hope to find more people, just like you, who need the Toastmasters Program, but don’t know it’s for them … yet. All brand new, first time Toastmasters who join your club between July 1st and march 31st AND RENEW for April 1st, 2018, will count toward your club’s entry. The first ever COP Award will be presented by Club Growth Director Joe Guenette at the Spring Conference, along with a keeper Scroll Plaque. Be the first club to ever receive this very special, HUGE,  new District 21 award, just for helping change more lives, like yours.
  3. Smedley Award Contest From Toastmasters InternationalAugust 1st – September 30th – Add 5 new or reinstated (must have left for one entire dues period) members to your team in these two months and receive a shiny new ribbon AND 10% Off a Group Order from Toastmasters International! Given our dollar, this could mean a fair chunk of change saved by your club! It’s like finding buried treasure …
  4. Toasti-Topics – Each week – Watch interviews of our members, a different member each episode, sharing their Toastmasters leadership and communication lessons learned. Great information for newer Toastmasters (and even more seasoned ones). This will be shared with Toastmasters both locally and around the planet! Know someone we could interview? Maybe you?  Connect with Ashwani Sinha

Are you going to the International Convention in Vancouver? Or the LAST EVER D21 Fall Conference in BC’s Capital of Victoria? These are rare adventures-in-waiting, creating memories and friends you’ll treasure your entire life!

Speaking of treasure … Here’s a sneek peek at a few more treasures to look forward to this Fall (make sure you read our District 21 Newsletters)!

  • The D21 2017-2018 Passport Program – September 1st – April 22nd
  • Train-the-Trainer events in each geographical region of District 21
  • Special “Just-in-Time” training all year, both in person and online, for Area Directors and their Assistants. Want to be on the team? Some Area and DIvision Directors are still looking for Assistants to learn, grow and serve with! Contact your Division Director, or me (Carol Carter) for more information
  • Unbury Your Treasure – Discover your club’s own Unique Learning Opportunity and share it with your community in fun, surprising ways
  • Share Your Story … more info to come!
  • The Rising Tide Challenge … more info to come!

If you or your team would like to create a special educational or outreach opportunity for the members and fellow clubs of Dstrict 21, or if you have an interesting New Club idea that might fit in your Area, please connect with our team at

Our goal this year, besides helping make your club and our whole District wildly successful, is to ensure we have Healthy Happy Members. We know this means we need Healthy, Happy Clubs, who are supported by Healthy Happy Leaders. To do this, we need your brilliance, your energy, and your desire to make the most out of this year for you and for all members whose lives you touch along the way. Together, we WILL make this trip around the sun a Worthy Toastmasters Adventure! 

Ready to set sail?

A warm and hearty “Ahoy”!

Carol Carter

Your District 21 Director