The Buzz is Back…

…we’re all fired up and ready to go

Good day to all our Toastmaster members,

Creating plans and working with the team of Division Directors to run the mid-year Club Officer Training is an important step in our journey. The Trio wanted to add some value to our training so we decided to bring in an inspirational speaker – Ted Corcoran, Toastmasters Past International President. Ted is the mentor for Alan Warburton, Michael Bown and myself.

Here we are on January 23 and we have completed eleven events in four geographic areas.  Four Club Officer Training sessions, three public events and four “one on one events” for our Division and Area directors. In the last event they met with Ted and Trio to discuss “how they see things” and it was empowering for all of us. Building teams and relationships will enable us to ensure our belief that “Every Toastmaster deserves to be in a Distinguished club”.

The success of these events has shown in the attendance and in the enthusiasm we experienced each time. Kudos to all those who were part of the events, ensuring all the details were covered.

My thanks go to the Trio and to Ted for agreeing to do these events. Bringing the team to you, the members, has been a profound experience for all four of us. We look forward to being with you on the stage at the 2017 International Convention in Vancouver.

The buzz is back,

We are all fired up,

Ready to go!

John Sherber DTM

District 21 Program Quality Director, 2016-2017