Thunderbird: Past and Present

Thunderbird: Past and Present

By Charlane Simpson, CC
VPPR for the Thunderbird Club of Victoria.

On Saturday September 10, the club celebrated their Anniversary with the theme Thunderbird: Past and Present.


At the event there were

4 past Presidents and one past acting President
2 awards given for members completing CC Manuals
2 District Dignitaries: John Sherber and Michael Bown
A rousing and entertaining Table Topic session
And a Cake that was delish…..

photo-1As one of the recipients of the CC Certificate, I was totally delighted to receive the award at the 70th Anniversary Party. The photo shows Brian and I receiving our CC Certificates. From left to right: Wally Lazaruk, VPEd; Charlane Simpson, VPPR; Caleb Mickleson, President; and Brian Lepicq, club member.


Having been a member for one year I feel that a lot of the success I have accomplished is largely due to the Thunderbird members and especially the VPEd. Walter Lazaruk(VPEd) has guided and mentored me throughout this past year without really telling me how to proceed but by making suggestions that left me thinking I can do that.

I can take a breath and calm myself before I start my speech or report on my role. A year ago when I first walked through the Thunderbird door I was very nervous and shook a lot and cried during my first few speeches and roles. I am so glad that I don’t break down and can start having fun with this new found freedom.

I have been caught in this trap of not being able to explain myself clearly, voice my concerns or relate an emotional story without becoming so enmeshed and affected that the main focus of the story is lost to my audience because I am crying. This crying takes away from my intention to bring light to a problem or event. I have struggled with this defect all my life and with Toastmasters guidelines and roles I can now speak in front of my group confidently and clearly.

I continue to be a member of good standing and participate in events because I’d like to take these new skills outside our Club room. Between you and me, I’m not really convinced that I would be skilled or confident enough to pull off a speech in front of non-Toastmasters at this time.

I have chosen StoryTelling and Interpersonal Communication Manuals as my next challenge. This is very exciting and daring for me.

In the Spirit of Joy,
Charlane Simpson

Congratulations to all the D21 clubs who celebrated anniversaries in September and over the summer…

ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS in SEPTEMBER…congratulations-clipart-animated-free-free-clipartbold

Rise And Shine (Victoria) – 71st
Malaspina Toastmasters (Nanaimo) – 67th
Saanich Lunch Bunch (Victoria) – 29th
Morning Sun (Kamloops) – 24th
Sixty Minutes (Courtenay) – 21st
Langley Morning (Langley) – 7th
Quorum (Victoria) – 7th
Toast To the Coast (Powell River) – 4th
Toastmasters By The Sea (White Rock) – 2nd


The Articulators (Nakusp) – 34th
Goldstream (Victoria) – 31st
Advocates (Victoria) – 30th
Ladysmith Toastmasters Club (Ladysmith) – 26th
Birdcage (Victoria) – 25th
James Bay (Victoria) – 16th


Thunderbird (Victoria) – 70th
Creston Valley (Creston) – 34th
NiteShifters (Victoria) – 29th
Tenacious (Langley) – 2nd
Island Excellence (Nanaimo) – 1st

Help us celebrate your club! If you’ve got an upcoming anniversary on the horizon, we’d love to hear more. Send us photos or promos.