Toastmasters Month February 2018 – What to do

Toastmasters Month is all about appreciating this amazing program we enjoy, and “sharing the love” with our community. The Province of British Columbia has declared February 2018 as Toastmasters Month!

Now what?

February is when many people, who have been pondering possible changes in their lives, start serious steps. It’s the perfect time to share Toastmasters any way you can.

Here are a few fun and fabulous things you and your fellow club members can do that will keep your club vibrant and alive through the bleak, cold, snowy months, and keep you sailing straight into Summer (LOTS OF LINKS AHEAD! Click the ones that inspire you the most!)

  1. Conspire on where to post your club’s Proclamation of Toastmasters Month. Laminate it, post it at your workplace with your info attached, Take a team photo with it and send your photo and the online link to the pdf copy (available at to your local Mayor, Newspaper or Radio Station. Make this a BIG DEAL … because it really is!
  2. Invite as many early and mid-year professionals as possible to business and leadership coach, Jim  McLaughlin’s “The Power of Mentoring” event near you. This very special kind of training is not offered ANYWHERE else in our geographic region. I checked! The people who attend are likely looking for a place to gain safe and effective feedback and ongoing mentoring. We might just have what they are looking for …
  3. Scour the list of 100’s of Membership Building Ideas you were given at the Club Officer training and have different members choose different ways they would like to promote the Toastmasters Opportunity to your Potential Future Members.
  4. Take action on as many different outreach and PR ideas as you can and enter all your campaigns in the Club PR Campaign Challenge! Deadline for submissions is March 15th. Winning Clubs will receive their prize at the Spring Conference. Each campaign will ALSO be gettin’ ye a bit ‘o bling for yer Treasure Chest. Arrr!
  5. Talk Up Toastmasters! Whether you are attracting brand-new-never-before members (qualify for the Club Outreach Program) or ANY potential member (returning after a full season away, dual member, new-to-you member or brand new member), with just 5 added to your team between Feb 1st and March 31st, you receive a gift from Toastmasters International!
  6. Is your team having fun? Putting on quality meetings? Celebrating every win of every member? Do a team survey or do a Moments of Truth session and collaborate on how to make your club irresistable!
  7. The more irresistable you are, the more likely your team will achieve the Rising Tide 10% Growth Challenge at dues renewal time in April. We hope ALL clubs achieve this target so we can ALL celebrate at the Spring Conference Saturday Night AfterParty! Are you registered for the conference yet? Hint – The afterparty will take a whole other path … a Carribean Path!
  8. You have two more weeks to make sure all 7 Club Officers in your club are trained if so and if you are on THIS LIST, you’ll receive some “Banner Bling” at the Spring Conference. Not on the list? You’ll still receive a wee bit ‘o purple for ye ol’ Treasure Chest!
  9. Explore! Visit other clubs, help with their speech contests, jot down your “Ah-ha’s” and GET YOUR PASSPORT stamped everywhere you go!
  10. Can’t get out? Sign up for a fun and interesting Webinar Wednesday event you can enjoy from the comfort of your computer, tablet or Smartphone, while holding a toasty beverage to fight the winter chills.
  11. Celebrate the bling your team receives for all your January adventures. Make your club’s Treasure Chest special. Mark up your Treasure Map. Have fun with the Club Treasure Hunt Adventure
  12. Find your team on the District 21 page of the Leo Board, locate another club with the same membership and DCP goal level as you and challenge them to a race to Distinguished! (or celebrate your success if you know you’re already there!). Pat other clubs on the back as you go! Here are a few clubs to celebrate already:
  13. Find a demographic, a pocket of population or a special interest group that has not yet discovered the benefits of Toastmasters. Submit that Potential New Club Lead to Club Extension Chair Gene Vickers or Club Growth Director Joe Guenette. If your lead becomes a club by March 15th, you get a jacket! if after March 15th but before June q15th, you get a Toastmasters hooded shirt!

Challenge yourself, learn, laugh, have loads of fun and make the most of this Toastmasters Month. YOU and your Toastmaster experience is what truly makes our clubs “The Place 2 B” (a little PQD Shawn Goldism).

Carol Carter DTM


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Your 2017 – 2018 District 21 Director