Twas the Week Before Christmas

Thanks for all that you do! See the video for a quick review of current programs and a peek at what’s coming in the New Year. (read below for more details)

Here’s some more detail on pieces mentioned above. Interesting that there ended up being twelve (for the Twelve Days of Christmas!):

    1. Club Coaches (contact Joe Guenette HERE before Dec 31st UPDATE – moved to January 31st!):
      • Be appointed as a club coach by Joe Guenette before midnight December 31st to receive that very convenient and covetous Toastmasters Document Bag.
      • Be a “successful” club coach by June 1st (after dashboard moves to June) by your coached club achieving “Distinguished” status, and you’ll receive a the very handy and helpful portable charger (phones and other compatible electronic devices!)
    2. New Clubs:
      • Submit a club lead and we will help you bring it to life. You can be as involved as you choose to be … and we think you’ll want to be involved, as that club lead will turn into a warm and wonderful Toastmasters Ladies/Mens Core Jacket for you if the club charters by February 28th!
      • That new club immediately receives SWAG both from Toastmasters International and from District 21 to launch a successful journey, PLUS that club will receive a special gift of a lectern or timing lights from District 21 if they are Distinguished before mid-June. It possible! We’ll help them focus on their best steps. What a way to start a club’s legacy!
    3. The Club Treasure Hunt Adventure:
      • Your team’s discovered treasure will find its way to you in surprising ways after each month closes. Check out your Treasure Map for the items you are hunting. (Hint – they each move your team toward a successful and rewarding year for ALL members.)
      • Decorate your team’s Treasure Chest in a way that is uniquely your club! There will be a contest … and prizes … more to come in the New Year.
    4. Send in Your Team’s Tag Line
      • “Toastmasters” can be hard to explain to a potential guest, but “Unleash the Humour Within” (Midnight Madness’ tag line) will speak to that person’s personal “Why” and make it easier for him/her to say “Yes” to your invitation. See the linked article to get started on crafting your team’s unique tag line and submit it to your Area Director or send to Carol Carter, your District Director ASAP!
      • In January, the District will be printing “Area Promo Cards” with each Area’s clubs, tag lines, meeting dates and times, and contact info. We need YOUR team’s info no later than January 15th. Please make sure your Area Director has all the correct information about your club’s meetings! These cards will be used in any community promotion events – job fairs, farmers markets, libraries, malls, chamber events … dream up potential places together with your Area Council. A “rising tide floats all boats” and “Many hands make light work”.
    5. The District 21 COP Award (Club Outreach Program):
      • Watch your team rise as you gain more “Brand New Baby Toastmasters” in your club. These people have never been a Toastmaster before. Have a look at the right hand column on the main page of
      • The club with the most New-to-Toastmasters members who renew on April 1st will win the new, ENORMOUS (but conveniently light and portable) COP Award at our April 20-21 District 21 Annual Conference! You’ll also receive a permanent, beautiful scroll plaque, appreciating your efforts of introducing the Toastmasters transformation to so many new people in your community, ensuring the sustainability of Toastmasters in District 21.
    6. The District 21 Passport Program:
      • Have you explored different clubs in your Area, Division and District? Have you visited a club outside District 21? Have you helped with a club, Ara or Division contest? Any of these (and more adventures) will gain you points in this years’ Passport Program. Keep your personal District 21 Passport with you at all times! You never know when an opportunity will come up! Make sure you receive a sticker or get that club/organizer to initial your passport.
      • There’s a small gift for those who submit their passport in person at the April 20-22 Conference. You can still win first, second or third prize if you are not there in person. Send your Passport to the conference with a club member, or your Area or Division Director.
      • Need a passport? Contact your club President. If the club needs extras, you can send a request to Carol Carter.
      • Would you like to help coordinate the Passport Program? It runs until our April 20-22 D21 Annual Conference in Kelowna. Contact Carol Carter to get involved!
    7. 7 out of 7 (x2) Club Officers Trained Ribbon
      • 34 teams had all 7 Club Officers trained in the Summer and are eligible to receive this Purple Present for their banner, plus special recognition at our Spring Conference if all 7 Club Officers are trained between December 1 and February 28th this Winter Training Season!
      • Missed the Summer season target? No worries. Though we can’t give you a ribbon, your team will receive a purple “Above and Beyond Service” gem for your treasure chest. It’s still a worthy goal, especially as we’ve seen that clubs who get all officers trained tend to have more fun and achieve greater results in their team all year.
    8. Pathways is Coming!!!
      • Pathways Guides are selected and are reciving their packages to help your team make the very best of the Pathways Program. See updates from Program Quality Director Shawn Gold and Pathways Chief Ambassador David Hobson!
      • If you belong to a second club before Pathways officially launches (expected March 1st), you will receive a second FREE pathway! You need to complete 2 pathways to achieve your DTM in the new program.
      • You can still keep completing the current program WHILE you start the new program! You have up to 2 years after the final Region roll out of the program is launched (likely you will have up to June 30th 2020).
    9. Toastmasters Month in British Columbia is February! (article will be posted as soon as declaration is in hand)
      • The Province of BC is about to declare February Toastmasters Month in 2018! Are you ready to make the most of this opportunity? See Webmaster Rae Stonehouse’s helpful video on how to get a proclamation of your own from your local Mayor’s office or other official.
      • Is your information up to date on ALL your web assets, including your official listing at Sima Saxena will be heading up a team who will be checking and giving you helpful feedback. In the meantime, imagine you are looking for a club near you and you discover your club’s webpage, facebook page, meetup listing, or do a club search on Will what they find frustrate them or draw them one step closer to coming to your next meeting?
    10. Contest Season – International Speech and Evaluation Speech Contests!
      • Would you like to challenge yourself to a whole new level of Speaking and evaluating? Nothing sharpens your skills like CONTEST SEASON! Starting with Club Contests in February, then Area Contests in March, and Division Contests the beginning of April, he District Finals will take place at our April 20-22 District 21 Annual Conference in Kelowna. Ask you VP Ed for infomation about how to compete this year!
      • Want to chair a club contest? It’s a project in your CL manual! Click on the various contests and download the “Digital File” for FREE (bottom of each contest page) at the Toastmasters International store here for all you need to run a successful Club Contest.
    11. Spring Conference … or The District 21 2018 Annual Conference:
      • Per Toastmasters International, we’ve gone back to annual District Conferences. This means, our District’s ONE special time to learn, laugh and grow together is April 20-22 in Kelowna. It will be VERY special! Conference co-chairs Marion Gushu-Geiger and Caroline Ivey, together with their conference committee, are planning a spectacular event you will not want to miss! Sign up now at the Early Bird rate! Book your room at the Capri Hotel!
    12. The Rising Tide Challenge (article will be posted in January):
      • At our District’s Annual Conference there will be a very special After Party event, where we’ll officially recognize members in all clubs who achieve the target of this challenge – Increase your membership by only 10% above your July 1st base as of the April 1st renewals. We will anxiously await the results as the dashboard reveals the April numbers. YOU and every member of your team could receive a very special “Care Package” and special recognition at our After Party Event! For team members not registered for the conference, they’ll receive a special invitation to join us for the After Party as well. Full details will be announced in January.