Videos – Tips for Healthy Clubs & Club Coaches

Looking for tips on how to be an effective Club Coach or Club Mentor? Maybe you are in a club that’s doing okay, but you’d like to make the member experience even better. The following series of videos was created a few years ago, but is every bit as relevant today. Scroll down to find the topics you are most interested in, grab a notebook and pen, and feel free to connect with our District Team on any points you would like help with. That’s why we’re here!

Learn about being a Club Sponsor, Club Coach or Club Mentor
ClubCoachSponsorMentorv2Club Coaching Step 1 – How to Get Started – Preparing Your Club to Succeed.

ClubCoach1v2Club Coaching Step 2 – Dealing With Conflict – Building a Healthy Learning Environment

Club Coaching Step 3 – Growing Pains – Preparing for Real Growth


Club Coaching Step 4 – How to Attract New and Retain Current Members – Building a Thriving & Magnetic Team