Welcome to September – Storming Together!

Welcome to one of the best (and craziest) months of the Toastmasters year!

You may have been vacationing, relaxing, or herding young children around. You might have been fighting the fires burnng around the Province, or housing displaced friends and relatives. Some have changed jobs, life situations, or houses. Still other of you have just come back from International Convention in Vancouver … and are trying to figure out how to put what you’ve learned into action.

Take courage! You are in good company, and you are exactly where you need to be.

Please read through the helpful articles linked on the September District 21 Newsletter in your email inbox. You’ll learn more about:

  • The COP Award July 1st – April 1st. Winning club will be announced at the Spring Conference April 20 – 22 in Kelowna, BC … and you will WANT to be there! More about that conference to be announced in November.
  • The Smedley Award – August 1 – September 30. There’s still time to add those 5 members!
  • Hilights from the International Convention last month
  • Finding Your Club’s Unique Learning Opportunity
  • The Pathways Photo Contest
  • Our new team members
  • Opportunities in our District

Also look back at last month’s article for helpful information on your club contests.

Check the www.d21fallconference.ca site for more information on our LAST EVER District 21 Fall Conference.

Hosting a special event in your club? Hoping to attract people in the community? Do reach out to your Area Director for help getting the PR out in as many low or no cost ways possible.

Your District 21 Passport is coming soon! Your Area Director will have your set of Passports for your team in the next two weeks. DO make sure you enter all your new members at Toastmasters International as soon as possible, so your team receives the right number of passports.

Enjoy September Storming with your team! Together, you are building  brilliant adventure for all your fellow learners.

Thanks for all you do,

Carol Carter, DTM

Your District 21 Director 2017-2018