Pathways – What Journey Will YOU Take?

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018, marks a historical day if you are a Toastmaster in District 21. The NEW Pathways Learning Experience, many years in the making, and started by our very own member, Past International Director Pat Johnson, DTM PID, is about to begin!

At around 1:00pm that day, you will receive your personal email invitation from Toastmasters International telling you to login and take your assessment to discover which path might be right for you. You can also click “login” at the top of , click on the “Pathways” link at the top of the page and follow the instructions.

  • Don’t think too much! Answer each question with your first instinct to generate the best results.
  • After the assessment is complete, you will be offered 3 potential pathways. You don’t need to choose the suggested pathways if another has caught your interest. These are only recommendations based on how you’ve answered the questions.
  • You can select a second FREE Pathway if you belong to at least one other club before March 20th. To get your second free Pathway, you need to phone Toastmasters International at 1-949-858-8255 and ask for Supply Orders.

Then TAKE THIS POLL! Overall summary results will be shared in our April newsletter. Let your new Learning Adventure begin!